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How I love my little car that goes anywhere and everywhere!!!
I will never forget the day, I parked my BMW X5 across the entrance to the BMW head office in order to stop the flow of traffic in and out of the building and told security that no one is leaving until BMW management sort my issues out… They never really resolved my issues so it was that day that I drove to Mitsubishi and bought a brand new Pajero short wheel base and have never looked back,
I have driven this car across Southern Africa, towed my off road racing car with it, recovered the same off road racing car with it.. , been stuck in sewerage with it.. the list goes on and on… and so does my love for it.. I have done 165 000 km now and can’t find the heart to say good bye to it.
After 16 visits to the dealership for my 10 000km service the staff have never gotten tired of seeing me and talking about my great car… I get a loan vehicle every time I can’t wait while they service my car and if need be I even watch the mechanics doing a 4 hour brake pad and disc replacement.
If you want to know what a pajero can do come for a drive with me!


Mitsubishi Motors South Africa and the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) have enjoyed a partnership spanning 13 years. Sea Rescue is proud to champion the Mitsubishi brand; both through our rescue vehicles and via our annual Double Mitsubishi Competition.
The NSRI have also standardised on the Mitsubishi Triton as our rescue vehicle of choice and we have …. Mitsubishi vehicles in our fleet. ALL vehicles are supplied to Sea Rescue at a greatly discounted rate.
“We find our Mitsubishi’s to be reliable and rugged; with enough power and capability to get the job done effectively – whether it is towing rescue vessels to scene, or accessing remote and relatively unreachable areas to effect rescues during flood events. We have never been let down –they have always done us proud.” – Brett Ayres (NSRI Operations Manager)