I have seen the sun rise over the Sahara dunes and set on Pacific waves. I have made my own roads through jungles and over mountains, and triumphed over my rivals in races that stretch the bounds of endurance. I have travelled with the great beasts of the land, as they migrate across the Savannah, and experienced adventures no words can describe. This is my story. This is my legend. I am Pajero. What story will you tell?

Start your adventure today in a Pajero. The Pajero is built with reliability, durability, uncompromising performance and luxury – it’s no wonder it’s a 12 times Dakar Rally winner. Climb in and you’ll know you’ve arrived.


The Pajero is no ordinary 4X4. Beneath the bold, uncompromising styling and clean, sleek lines, is a heart and soul that has explored the furthest corners of the world and comes back seeking more. The 3.2-litre DI-DC (Direct Injection Diesel) has superior torque, especially at low and mid rev ranges. Direct injection enables efficient combustion for better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.


The 3.2-litre 16-valve DI-DC (Direct Injection Diesel) engine provides superior torque, especially at low and mid rev ranges. The Common Rail injection
system electronically controls fuel intake to deliver precisely the right amount to each cylinder, while the direct injection system enables far
more efficient combustion for better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.


The Pajero’s Multi-mode Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) allows you to manoeuvre under heavy braking conditions, delivering superior control. Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) reduces stopping distances and automatically increases rear-braking force. RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution Body Construction) combines an energy-absorbing front section with a strong, rigid cabin for outstanding protection. ATSC helps you maintain traction and prevents wheels from spinning and loss of control, when cornering. The Pajero has six airbags for ultimate safety.


Never take your hands off the wheel with Bluetooth and Handsfree Voice Control integrated into the Pajero’s multi-function steering wheel. Multi-information display provides all the information you need with a compass barometer and altimeter, temperature, fuel consumption and time and date display. Full automatic air-conditioning with rear controls provides complete comfort. Seat configuration allows you to take advantage of the Pajero’s impressive carrying capacity.


High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps give you optimal night visibility, providing a wider view and brighter illumination. Automatic headlamp levelling is perfectly suited to traversing steep inclines. The Pajero’s Rear View Camera supplements your rear field of vision by automatically appearing on screen, when the reverse gear is engaged.


 3.2 DI-DC GLS 4X4 A/T
Engine Type3.2-litre DOHC Intercooled Turbocharged DI-DC
Fuel TypeDiesel
Fuel SystemElectronically Controlled Common Rail Injection
Max. Output140kW@3800rpm
Max. Torque441Nm@2000rpm
Transmission5-speed Automatic
Fuel Tank Capacity69L
Towing Mass (Braked)2 800kg
Towing Mass (Unbraked)750kg
Ground Clearance235mm